Construction Cleaning

When your property is under construction, debris has a way of piling up over time. Between dust, materials, and demolition waste, your formerly well-tended lot can end up looking like a junkyard. This is why Dust Fighters offers ambitious construction cleaning services. We will come to your property and gather all of the unsightly debris that has built up and dispose of it for you.

With construction debris lying around, it's not only an eyesore to look at but it can be a serious safety hazard for those on site. Our home cleaning company will provide you with a housekeeper that is experienced and efficient so that we can clean your area as quickly as possible. We are always careful to not damage any of the construction or finished work. Our post construction deep cleaning service can be scheduled around your work schedule so that we are never in the way.

Don’t let your construction project make your home or workspace look worse than before. Call Dust Fighters in Anaheim, CA, today for more information about our construction and residential cleaning services. Whether you need weekly service or an open house cleaning, we can assist you with our prestigious cleaning abilities.

House Cleaning Services

For convenience, we can provide a regularly scheduled house cleaning service so your home can be
maintained consistently. Here is what we do:

  • Stove, Rangetops, Microwave (inside & out)
  • Counter Tops, Sinks, Appliances, Tables & Chairs
  • Refrigerator, Dishwasher & Oven *
  • Sweep & Mop Floors
Bathrooms (Scrub & Clean)
  • Showers- Walls, Glass, Doors, Knobs, Ground
  • Bathtub- Walls, Faucets & Ground
  • Toilets- Tank (top to bottom, back & forth), Seat + Covers & Disinfect
  • Mirrors, Vanity Tops, Sink, Faucets + Handles, Appliances & Vanity
  • Light Switches Disinfect, Towel Bar
All Rooms
  • Remove Cobwebs, Blinds, Window Ledges, Mirrors
  • Dusting of All Furniture, Tables, Dusting of Couches, Fix & Arrange Room for a Fabulous Presentation
  • Floors- Sweep & Mop, Carpet-Vacuum
Extra Services

Refrigerator, Oven, Dishwasher, Organizing Closets, Office & Library, Window Cleaning Available

Other Services

  • Organization (Residential Only) Closets, Dishes, Dispensary, Library & Office.
  • Home Appliances (Cleaning In & Out) Toasters, Dishwasher, Oven, Refrigerator, etc.
  • Special Occasions (Before/After) PRESENTATION Open House, Parties, Real State, Events

Working with Top Quality & Best name Brands with 8 years of Experience in the Cleaning Industry.

Cleaning Liquids
  • Everything from Kitchens, Bathrooms, Floors, Marble, Wood, Stainless Steel & Much, much More.
Color Coordinated Towels
  • To Distinguish Bathroom & Kitchen Usage
Multi Use Machines
  • Hard Floors & Carpet Vacuums.
  • High-Quality Vacuums: for Blinds / Cabinets /Couches / Curtains, Pet hair & Stairs.
  • Mops: For Dry Floors, Steam mops, & Wet Floors.
  • Tools: Scrubbers, Brushes, Towels, ladders, buckets, Etc.